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Built for Reliable Performance

The Speed Queen professional top load washer combines heavy-duty construction with reliable operation proven to stand the test of time. It is designed with less moving parts for one reason: so you’ll face fewer maintenance problems and less wear and tear down the road. The equipment provides an advantage on such issues as energy conservation, equipment breakdowns and vandalism. These units are ideal for collective laundry rooms, hotels, colleges, restaurants, beauty salons and other special business applications.

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SW professional top load washer features

  • Durable stainless steel wash tub
  • Extract speed of 710 RPM spins clothes out dryer
  • Automatic Balancing Suspension provides the industry’s best out-of-balance handling, completing wash cycles without interruption
  • Curved four-vane polypropylene agitator provides 210° agitation stroke which delivers superior washability
  • Dependable, Eversmooth transmission


(OPL) Rear High Electronic Control

  • Rear High Electronic Control is designed for durability and easy operation with attractive selection buttons and cycle status indicator lights



(VEND) Rear Push-To-Start Control

  • Push-To-Start control provides easy to start activation indicated by “In Use” light.


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