Professional laundry equipment for campings, holiday parks and camps

More efficiency for more income: choose the most reliable, durable and profitable camping laundry equipment on the market.

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Fastest cycles of the market

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Unmatched efficiency and quality

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3-year warranty on ALL parts

Professional laundry equipment that gives you peace of mind

As the owner or manager of a camping or holiday park, you need the best laundry equipment : an invincible washer, ready to endure even the most brutal uses and to wash the most soiled linens, without risk of breakdown or breakage.
With Speed Queen, you benefit from the most reliable laundry equipment on the market, and offer impeccable service to your customers.

  • The fastest wash-dry cycle on the market: give your vacationers more time to enjoy the activities offered by your facilities
  • Customization of your cycles via Quantum Gold Controls
  • Proven durability to resist mud and pebbles
  • Reduced utility costs thanks to our energy optimization systems
  • 3-year warranty on ALL parts
Illustration - Invest in professional washers and dryers to offer your camping vacationers an additional service, while increasing your revenue - Speed Queen Professional

Lower operating cost for a higher ROI

Quantum® Controls combine the simplicity of digital controls with advanced programming capabilities of your Speed Queen washers and dryers to help you reduce costs and increase your ROI.

Speed Queen professional front load washer
Illustration: residents enjoying the uality of Speed Queen professional washers and dryers in a collective laundry room (OPL)

The fastest cycles on the market: wash and dry in 1 hour only

If fast cycle times top your list of priorities, Speed Queen machines are the solid choice.

Illustration: paired Speed Queen professional washer and dryer

The best <10kg professional washers & dryers in the world

Our advanced features are designed to make your laundry simpler and more productive.

Illustration - Speed Queen laundry machines are covered by a 3-year warranty - the best in the laundry industry

The best warranties in the professional laundry business

We offer a 3-year warranty on all our professional washers and dryers.

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