The American mindset

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Speed Queen washers and dryers are built on the same principles that built the American industry.

Strength. Leadership. Quality. It is on these values that the excellence of the American industry has been built. The first Speed Queen® washing machine was built in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1908. It is here, in this proud industrial basin of the Midwest, that we developed our work ethic. We have been proudly headquartered there ever since.

Professional washer in multi housing laundry facility

Make your business more profitable

When it comes to the American Business Mindset, success and profitability come to mind. No wonder we design each of our washers and dryers with the same goal: to make your business more profitable.

Outstanding washing quality, unrivalled drying efficiency, incomparable reliability: with SpeedQueen Professional, there is no waste of time or unnecessary expense. The performance and durability of our laundry machines offer you a better cost of ownership.
Our customizable programs allow you to adjust your consumption, minimize your operating cost, and adapt to your needs.

And with the fastest wash & dry cycle on the market, you generate more revenue at the end of the day.

Laundry machines built the American way

Our Ripon HQ is where more than 2,700 dedicated employees work every day to deliver on our promise of customer satisfaction. It is where the most durable professional washing machines and dryers on the market are born. It’s also where we imagine revolutionary features and innovations that allow you to take better control of your laundry room.

Laundry machines built better to last longer and maximize profitability.

This is the American way.

Professional washer in multi housing laundry facility

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