Quantum Gold
(Re)program your washing machines and dryers

Programmable washing machines and dryers designed to meet all your laundry needs

Quantum controls are designed to drive flexibility and profitability. Program or re-program your professional washers and dryers and run your laundry room or service on your terms.


Quantum controls are designed to improve the profitability of your laundry service. Cutting-edge features make laundry more rewarding for customers and more profitable for you.


Cycle Modifiers – Most users tend to upgrade their cycles when the option is available. Quantum® Cycle Modifiers make that upselling simple and convenient.


Automatic water leak detection monitors your drain system and immediately alerts you to any leaks or obstructions, saving you lots of money.


Lucky Cycle encourages customer loyalty by rewarding them with free washing or drying after a predetermined number of cycles.


With Time-of-Day Pricing, you can seamlessly tailor pricing to your peak hours, thereby increasing or decreasing prices to increase revenue or increase usage.


30 Programmable Water Levels let you control water costs by modifying the amount of water used for each cycle.


Thanks to the low consumption mode and the shutdown assistant, you can program your machines to automatically switch to low consumption mode or to stop when your laundry room is closed.


Multi-Level Pricing lets you charge more for premium wash cycles to help you offset utility costs.


Wash Alert, a feature of Speed Queen Insights, provides remote laundry room access that lets residents see the status of their laundry or which washers or dryers are available.

Choose the technology level that suits your laundry needs

Illustration: Quantum Gold Vended controls - Speed Queen Professional

Quantum Gold – Vended

  • Multi-Level Pricing
  • Customer-selected price modifiers
  • Slow Drain detection
  • Water Leak detection
  • Automatic Dispenser Flush
  • Automatic Shutdown Assistant
  • Break-In Alarm
  • Drop-Off Mode
  • Lucky Cycle
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Speed Queen Insights Capable
Illustration: Quantum Gold On-Premises controls - Speed Queen Professional

Quantum Gold – On-Premises

  • 30 programmable cycles
  • 30 programmable water levels
  • Slow Drain Detection
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Infrared Programming

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