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A modern day laundry experience. Discover the innovative Speed Queen laundry management system

Speed Queen® Insights, our revolutionary laundry management system, gives your laundry service provider the tools to better manage your laundry facilities, create a more satisfying laundry experience for your residents and customers, and provide you with unmatched convenience.



The quality of laundry facilities are consistently rated among the most valuable amenities by residents. Offer them Speed Queen Insights, and make them discover the comfort of a modern day laundry experience: fast, practical and connected. All while giving your laundry service provider the data and control they need to easily manage your laundry remotely.

Speed Queen Insights - Rewards program

Speed Queen Rewards lets you connect with your residents to offer them a better laundry experience.

Speed Queen Insights - Cloud based

Laundry service provider can control machine performance remotely, simplifying their management and providing peace of mind.

Speed Queen Insights - Expandable platform

Adapt your laundry facilities to your users and residents’ needs as more features become available.


Speed Queen Insights - Mobility

Cloud-based control helps your laundry service provider respond faster and provide better service.

Speed Queen Insights - Business integration

SQ Insights generates easy-to-understand machine reports, laundry room reports and revenue data.

Speed Queen Insights - Peace of mind

An innovative solution, designed and supported by the world leader in professional laundry solutions.


Smartphones have revolutionized our habits in terms of convenience and connectivity, and people are looking for the same comfort in all facets of their daily lives, including their laundry. Speed Queen Insights lets you meet – and exceed – their expectations with the easy-to-use Speed Queen app and the Speed Queen Rewards program.

Speed Queen customer app

Mobile payment lets residents pay with their smartphones.

Speed Queen Insights - Rewards program

Increase loyalty and keep your residents from leaving on laundry day.

Speed Queen Insights - Centralized funds

Improve service by having refunds issued directly to online wallet.

Speed Queen Insights - Multiple payment options

Integrates with Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards and more.

Speed Queen Insights - Advanced reporting

Understand your residents’ needs better and gain greater transparency.

Speed Queen Insights - Integrated management

Remote laundry room management for better resident support.

Laundry at your fingertips

Laundry is as easy as ordering your lunch. Speed Queen Insights customer app offers a clean interface and multiple payment options, giving your residents new convenience and the ability to pay with the one thing they never leave home without: their smartphone.

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