The Speed Queen Difference

Illustration - Speed Queen professional laundry equipment are builded through a unique 5-step development process

At Speed Queen®, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in laundry equipment.

Through our unique five-step product development process, including rigorous testing that guarantees superior industrial quality to our professional washers and dryers, we are introducing innovation and technology that are changing the way our customers think about laundry.

The Speed Queen Story

Today, as in our humble beginnings in 1908, we strive to build the best washers and dryers backed by the industry’s finest service and support.

Illustraion - The history of Speed Queen, the world leader in the commercial and professional laundry industry
Illustration: Speed Queen offers the best warranty of the laundry market

3-year warranty

When you choose Speed Queen, you’re not just getting laundry machines of unrivaled reliability and efficiency. You also have the confidence that your equipment will last. This is why we offer a 3-year warranty – the best in the industry – on all our professional washers and dryers.

The American mindset

Strength. Leadership. Quality.
Speed Queen washers and dryers are built on the same principles that built the American industry.

Illustration - Speed Queen washers and dryers are built on the same principles that built the American industry
Illustration - Resident using Speed Queen professional laundry equipment in a collective laundry room (OPL)

Unrivalled laundry efficiency and capacity

Collectivities, small businesses and property owners around the world rely on Speed Queen’s proven performance to offer their guests, residents and customers the best laundry experience.

Unmatched quality and speed

If fast cycle times top your list of priorities, Speed Queen machines are the solid choice. We offer the fastest cycles on the market: wash and dry in one hour only!1

Illustration: modern collective laundry room equipped with Speed Queen professional washers and dryers

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