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The professional / semi-professional washing machine that is shaking up the laundry industry

At Speed Queen®, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in laundry equipment. Through our unique five-step product development process, including rigorous testing that guarantees superior industrial quality, we’re introducing innovation and technology that are changing the way our customers think about laundry. And never has this dedication to advancing our industry manifested in anything more revolutionary than the Speed Queen® front load washer.

Everything you ever wanted from a front-load washer

Engineered and built like no other, the Speed Queen® front load washer is designed to be everything people thought a washer couldn’t be, beginning with its revolutionary new suspension and sensing technology. This groundbreaking innovation manages and redistributes any and all out-of-balance loads to deliver uninterrupted cycles, virtually eliminate vibration and operate so quietly neighboring residents won’t even know it’s running. It also touts an incredible 440 G-Force extraction speed to maximize moisture removal, reduce dry times and minimize utility costs. And as if that’s not game-changing enough, this smooth-running, laundry-optimizing machine delivers increased water efficiency and a redesigned, 10-degree tilted control panel for easier readability and the ultimate user experience. It’s everything you never knew it could be.

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SF/SFC Front load washer available options:

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SF/SFC professional front load washer-extractors features

  • Stainless steel outer and inner drum
  • Industry-leading 440 G-Force extraction removes more moisture, minimizing drying times and utility costs
  • Totally freestanding: can be installed on any floor and any level
  • Suspension with new out-of-balance logic
  • Soap box with four compartments
  • Door opens 180° for easy loading and unloading
  • Available with drain pump or drain valve
  • Top, Front and side panels standard available in anthracite grey or in Stainless steel front & top panels.
  • Electrical heating or boiler-fed
  • Soap supply injection allows easy connection with liquid soap pumps
  • Longer lifetime: at least 15,000 cycles

Quantum Controls

  • 6 programs
  • 3 cycle modifiers
  • LED notification
  • Programmable by Infra Red
  • Time remaining countdown


Dryers features

  • Galvanized steel cylinder
  • Oversized lint filter located in front for easy cleaning
  • Powerful exhaust blower assures short drying times and low operating costs
  • Wide door opening of 180° for easy loading and unloading
  • Top, Front and side panels standard available in anthracite grey or in Stainless steel front & top panels
  • Electrical or gas heating

Quantum Controls

  • 4 drying programs
  • LED notification
  • Programmable by Infra Red


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