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Speed Queen financing service1 for laundry services owners: the financing you need from one convenient source

Laundry equipment financing with Speed Queen® means getting more. Quick decisions: most of the time, our experts will answer you within 2 working days. No hidden fees, reduced deposits2 or down payment2, allowing you to speed up your start. Not to mention that your case is reviewed by a dedicated financial representative who is familiar with the laundry industry and can help you assess not only the right level of lease plan your specific laundry facility can support.

1Only applicable in France, Spain and Italy
2Only applicable in France & Spain

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Financing solutions dedicated to the laundry business

To better support you in the installation, renewal or replacement of your professional laundry equipment, Speed Queen relies on Financial Services (ALF): the financial arm of Alliance Laundry Systems, world N°1 in commercial laundry .

By setting up your financing file with experts in the sector, you benefit from certain advantages:

  • You don’t have to explain the specifics of your needs: we know the laundry market by heart.
  • You will receive a prompt response to your request, usually within 2 working days.
  • Our financial team of industry experts develop tailor-made solutions to perfectly match your budget needs.
  • ALF does not work with banks or financial institutions. We are completely independent in order to find the best solution for your laundry investment.
  • As an Alliance Laundry Systems brand, we can provide an integrated solution between our laundry equipment factory, the distributor and yourself.
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Professional washer in multi housing laundry facility


  • Your distributor is preparing an offer for you on our website.
  • Your distributor will get an initial score to see if you can benefit from our rental agreement.
  • If so, your distributor will send your request to ALF.
  • ALF will study the request and make a final decision.
  • If approved, your order will be eligible for the benefits of our rental agreement.
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Yes, our pre-approval process allows customers to receive immediate feedback based on an estimated financed amount by submitting only a completed lease application and personal financial statement.

Typically, lease decisions are made within 2 working days of receiving a complete application package

We will look to finance up to 60% of the total project cost, leaving the customer with a 40% cash investment. The total project cost consists of all costs associated with building the laundry room, including equipment, leasehold improvements, construction, impact fees and all other relevant costs.

No, our lease plans can be prepaid in full or part at anytime without penalties.

While we do not charge an application fee, there is a one-time administration fee due after loan closing. The fee is €250 and is capitalized into the lease balance at the time of funding. Seasonal promotions, refinancing and acquisitions may deviate from the standard.

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